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Term 2 - Week 1

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As you are aware, Devonport High School, along with all schools on the NW Coast is closed next week for all staff and students.

Staff will be working from home to prepare to start teaching on CANVAS (our online learning platform) from Monday 4 May (Week 2 – Term 2).

Due to this, we want to be able to provide some work next week for your child to get back into learning.

For next week only, we will be sending work directly to your child’s school email from Tuesday 28 April to Friday 1 May.

On Tuesday & Thursday, Mathematics and English work will be provided and on Wednesday & Friday,  Science and HASS.

Students are reminded to log into their email account via Office365 and click on the Outlook account.

Student email:

Office 365 is free for students to download and install

In all cases students use their usual school logon detail in the form;


Then use their usual password

Finally, please be aware our administration staff members will not be at Devonport High School to answer any phone calls next week.

If you have any questions or queries next week, please email the school on and it will be passed onto one of our staff members.

Further updates will be provided next week. Stay Safe!


Kind regards,


Peter Bird