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B Block Move - Friday 18 September

This Friday 18th will see the final stages of moving our school out of B Block for the redevelopment to take full swing in Term 4 and beyond into 2021.


Whilst this is extremely exciting, we understand that this is also a time that may create some confusions or anxieties.


Students will be briefed in Grade Assemblies this Thursday about where their new classrooms and other facilities will be located for the next 12 months.


A major part of the plan is to move some current furniture (plastic chairs & tables) from current classrooms to their new location in the ex-Adult Education Building (which we will call B Block moving forward).


We are planning on completing this during Block 4.


By doing this move 1 week before the end of term, it will allow students and our staff to become familiar with the new routines and routes.


This will also allow us time to modify any changes required before going to the holiday break at the end of next week.


If you do not wish for your child to participate moving some classroom furniture this Friday (plastic chair + a table being lifted with another student), please complete the following form attached to this link:


We are aware that some students will be unable to assist in moving furniture due to physical issues.