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School Expectations


At Devonport High School we believe that wearing of the uniform is a fundamental commitment to belonging to our school community. It indicates pride in one’s school and acknowledges that our school has high expectations regarding the standard of dress.

Our School Association strongly supports the wearing of school uniform at all times. By being in uniform, students are easily distinguished from non-students who may be in the vicinity or who may come into the school grounds without permission.

Devonport High School Association’s uniform expectation is listed below and available on our website. Students must be in uniform to represent our school or attend any events in the community.

Parent co-operation is sought in maintaining a high standard of neat and appropriate clothing and footwear. It is expected that our students’ general appearance and manner in which they wear the uniform is of a high standard in public and at school.

Some second-hand uniform items are available. Inquiries can be made at the School Office.

School uniform can be purchased through the school office.

Click here to go to our School Dress Code and Uniform Policy


We support the wearing of a hat when students are involved in outdoor activities.


Children who go to school every day do better, both in and out of school, than those who have multiple absences. Going to school every day is important and it is a requirement under the Education Act. Parents or carers are required to notify the school regarding student absences. Parents of students who have unexplained absences on a frequent basis will be required to provide an explanation of the absence to meet the Department of Education’s Guidelines. Students should arrive in time for Home Group. Text messages will be sent daily to parents of absent or late students requesting explanations.

Behaviour and Responsibilities

Devonport High School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment which fosters respect for others and does not tolerate bullying. Harassment, discrimination and bullying threaten the safety of our school environment and will not be tolerated. We strive to maintain a supportive environment which respects the rights of individuals and acknowledges each person’s responsibility to the entire school community. The school community has developed and implemented shared policies, strategies and procedures in this area.

Behaviour management at Devonport High School is the responsibility of the whole school community, and is based on an educative process that aims to provide students with the skills to take increasing responsibility for their own actions. Clearly stated consequences exist for students who do not accept the responsibility of managing their own behaviour. There are primarily two components to support behaviour management of students: preventative strategies and intervention strategies.