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Term 3 - Together, we are learning about...

Year 7

In English, we have started our 'Whodunnit?' Unit. Students visited a crime scene in week 1 and they aim to solve the case as they receive clues to the crime each week. Whilst working on the case, students perfect their 'instruction writing' skills (week 3), they write a newspaper article (week 6) about the case and they write a letter (week 10) relating to their thoughts on the case.

  • 7A - Morgan Horsman
  • 7B - Shelley Hollister
  • 7C - Morgan Horsman
  • 7D - Shelley Hollister

In HASS we have started our Economics and Business Unit. Students have explored what economics are and are about to dive into investigating entrepreneurship. They will be completing an assessment task on a chosen business in Week 5. We will then complete our Civics and Citizenship Unit for the rest of the term, where students will explore Democracy and Civic Participation.

  • 7A - Lesley Jolly
  • 7B - Jon Lewis
  • 7C - Lesley Jolly
  • 7D - Kylie Courtney-Wylie

In Mathematics, students are learning about linear relationships in algebra. They are continuing patterns, completing tables and using mathematical rules to make predictions. Students will be learning to solve equations with one step and then with two steps. Students will have an assessment test at the end of Week 5.

  • 7A - Rosie Wallace
  • 7B - Caroline McLachlan
  • 7C - Rosie Wallace
  • 7D - Caroline McLachlan

In Science, we are completing the unit of work on Earth and Space Science and will then study Biological Sciences. Students will explain how biological diversity is ordered and organised in units on Classification and Ecosystems. They will investigate the role of classification in ordering and organising the diversity of life on Earth and use and develop classification tools including dichotomous keys. Students will use models, including food webs, to represent matter and energy flow in ecosystems and predict the impact of changing abiotic and biotic factors on populations. There will be a test at the end of each unit of work. Students are able to access Edrolo to catch up on their learning.

  • 7A & 7C - Peter Buckley
  • 7B & 7D – Maria Chan

In Health, students are completing a unit on smoking and vaping. Looking at short and long term effects on the body, financial costs, chemicals in cigarettes and vapes, addiction and peer pressure. Students will complete an anti-smoking or anti-vaping campaign as part of their assessment. In Physical Education students have completed reassessment of their fitness testing (comparison from Term 1). In the coming weeks students will participate in a range of winter sports and rhythmic movement activities.

  • 7A – Caroline McLachlan (Health), Breaane McCall (PE)
  • 7B – Luke Jordan
  • 7C – Breaane McCall (Health), Luke Jordan (PE)
  • 7D – Sally Macfadyen

Personal Interest Pathways (PIPS) - Option Subjects

In Japanese our new classes are starting to learn to recognise and write the hiragana characters and using them to write a variety of words each week. They are learning and responding to some greetings in Japanese and will complete a map of major cities in Japan by the end of the term.

  • 7A & 7B - Lisa Travers

In MDT, students are learning about safety in the workshop and will create their first project, which is a door stop. Students will be using a range of new skills to complete this short task in the first 5 weeks.

  • 7A & 7B - Ben Rabbetts
In Digital Technology, students are exploring ways to behave responsibly online, become aware of identity theft and learn how to protect personal information online. Students will complete a series of short Canvas tasks as part of their assessment in term 3.
  • 7A & 7B - Jesse Shepheard
In Foods, students are learning how to work in a kitchen safely and hygienically. In practical lessons students are learning basic cooking skills to prepare a meal independently
  • 7C - Kate Hambleton
  • 7D - Therese Heland & Robert Spencer

In Drama, students are being introduced to the 5W's (who, what, why, when and where). They are participating in a range of games and skills to build their skill development and self-confidence. Students are keeping a reflective journal and this forms a part of their assessment.

  • 7A & 7B - Lesley Jolly

Year 8

In English, students are working on an 'Informative Text' unit. They have analysed how others write in magazines and information texts and they are replicating these skills when they produce their own one page article relating to a topic they feel passionately about (week 4). The students will then be starting the 'Advertising Unit' in which they analyse a range of ads before applying similar skills to their own product.

  • 8A - Lisa Travers
  • 8B - Shelley Hollister
  • 8C - Lisa Travers
  • 8D - Jon Lewis

In HASS we have started out Civics and Citizenship Unit. Students have been exploring what democracy looks like in Australia and are about to being to explore how they can participate in democracy themselves. In Week 5 students will be completing an assessment task focussed on a social issue and approaches to becoming actively involved in bringing about positive change in relation to their chosen issues. We will then complete an Economics and Business unit that has students exploring businesses and business issues that relate to our ever-changing world.

  • 8A - Jon Lewis
  • 8B - Lisa Travers
  • 8C - Lesley Jolly
  • 8D - Lisa Travers
In Mathematics, students are studying a unit of work in Algebra. Students are learning how to expand and factorise algebraic expressions. They will investigate linear relationships and their links to real life problems. Students will have an assessment task during Week 7.
  • 8A - Rosie Wallace
  • 8B - Jesse Shepheard and Robert Spencer
  • 8C - Rosie Wallace
  • 8D - Bjorn Porsbro
In Science, we are completing the unit of work on Chemical Sciences and will then start Earth & Space Sciences. Students have been learning how to classify and represent different types of matter (based on their observable properties and composition), and distinguish between physical and chemical changes. In Earth Sciences we will study the theory of plate tectonics to explain patterns of change in the geosphere and how the properties of rocks relate to their formation and influence their use. Each unit will have an assessment at its completion.
  • 8A & 8C - Pete Buckley
  • 8B & 8D - Maria Chan 

In Health, students are completing a unit on Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis. They will also participate in a unit on vaping. They will be exploring the short and long term effects on the body, financial costs, chemicals in these drugs, addiction and peer pressure. Students will complete a research task as part of their assessment for the Alcohol, tobacco and Cannabis unit. For the vaping unit, students looking at the predictions of vaping effects in the future. In Physical Education, students have completed reassessment of their fitness testing (comparison from Term 1). In the coming weeks students will participate in a range of winter sports and rhythmic movement activities.

  • 8A – Luke Jordan
  • 8B – Breaane McCall (Health), Sally Macfadyen (PE)
  • 8C – Brent Munday
  • 8D – Caroline McLachlan (Health), Jesse Shepheard (PE)

Personal Interest Pathways (PIPS) - Option Subjects

In MDT, 8A students are completing a design brief to create a pot plant holder. This will require them to come up with a prototype of their creation before they make their project.

8B students are completing an endangered species diorama. They are require to research an endangered species and adapt their chosen animal to their diorama.

  • Teacher - Ben Rabbetts
In Film Studies, students are exploring the world of story telling through movies. We are currently looking at the history of film, and we will be completing an assessment piece in the coming weeks on a classic motion picture 'The Wizard of Oz'.
  • Teacher - Ben Andrews
In Digital Technology, students are learning about how to create, edit and use QR codes. They are designing QR codes to give a series of instructions to other students. In our next unit, students will be learning to use 3D printers and will be developing skills in using 3D design software. They will be printing something small to bring home by the end of Term 3.
  • Teacher - Rosie Wallace
In Visual Art students are exploring how artists tell stories and express emotions through pottery. They have explored and responded to the work of Indigenous artists the Hermannsburg Potters and ceramicist Stephen Bird. from this they will plan for and make ceramic masks through which they will tell their own stories or express emotions
  • Teacher - Luke Viney

In Foods, students are learning how to get the most out of their money when buying food. Is fresh better then frozen? What is the best way to store food, so it will last as long as possible, and they have less food wastage? Student will be given a task of creating a meal plan to feed themselves for a week with only $50. No takeaway allowed. In practical lessons, student are making a mix of dinner recipes that are healthy, quick, yummy and cheap to make. This will give them the skill sets needed to cook for themselves.

  • Teacher - Kate Hambleton

In Drama, students are focussing on developing their acting skills through the use of voice, body movements and timing. They are working on how to bring given scripts alive. They will be assessed by completing a duologue or monologue.

  • Teacher - Lesley Jolly

Year 9

In English, students are participating in a novel study of 'The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton with a focus on understanding how it feels to navigate teenage years through the events and perspectives of the different characters in the novel. They will be completing a newspaper article reflecting the key events of chapter 6 for their first major assessment task during week 5.

  • 9A - Georgia Delaney
  • 9B - Morgan Horsman
  • 9C - Georgia Delaney
  • 9D - Therese Heland

In History, students will be learning about the conditions in Great Britain at the peak of industrialisation and how these impacted on the movement of people including free settlers, convicts and slaves. Students will complete a partner research task to be handed in at the end of Week 3 and will also complete an opinion piece about The Secret River during Week 5.

  • 9A - Tony Beutel
  • 9B - Caitlin Midson
  • 9C - Caitlin Midson
  • 9D - Tony Beutel

In Mathematics, students are working on applying the exponent laws to numerical expressions with integer exponents and extend to variables. Students will have a test on this by the end of week 2. Following this unit students will be simplifying algebraic expressions, expanding binomial products, and factorising monic quadratic expressions. Following this they will be identifying and graphing quadratic functions, solving quadratic equations graphically and numerically. Students will have their first assignment on this by the end of week 5.

  • 9A - Robert Spencer
  • 9B - Jamie Downward
  • 9C - Robert Spencer
  • 9D - Jamie Downward
In Science, 9C students are doing a unit on Chemistry. They are learning about the history of the development of the Periodic Table and the atomic model, before moving on to writing chemical formula and investigating why certain elements are so reactive. This unit has a large practical component with some interesting chemical reactions, including acid and base reactions. There will be an assignment in Week 3 and a test in Week 5. Students in 9D are completing a unit on Electricity. They are currently designing and building solar powered houses that they will test. An investigation into wind turbines will be the first assessment item this term and that will be due in Week 4. Following this unit, students will begin studying Chemistry. Students in 9A and 9C are investigating the chemistry of acids and bases with a focus on neutralisation reactions. One of their upcoming assessments will involve designing and conducting an experiment to test the effectiveness of a variety of antacids and linking this to the treatment of acid reflux. N end of unit test will also be undertaken mid term.
  • 9A & 9C - Djaan Heathcote
  • 9B & 9D - Andrea McQuitty

In Health, students are continuing with their drug unit - focusing on drug classification, harm minimisation and safety in the community. Their next unit of work be will on mental health with a focus on managing and regulating conflict and emotions. In Physical Education, students have completed reassessment of their fitness testing (comparison from Term 1). In the coming weeks students will participate in a range of winter sports and rhythmic movement activities.

  • 9A – Jesse Shepheard
  • 9B – Sally Macfadyen (Health), Breaane McCall (PE)
  • 9C – Luke Jordan
  • 9D – Caroline McLachlan (Health), Simon Wilson (PE)

Year 10

In English, students are participating in a novel study unit based on 'The Hate U Give' by Angie Thomas where they are learning about systemic racism and identity. Students will be completing a journal entry as their first main assessment task in Week 5.

  • 10A - Therese Heland
  • 10B - Georgia Delaney
  • 10C - Therese Heland
  • 10D - Georgia Delaney

In History we have started our Globalising World Unit. Students will investigate Post-WWII Migration to Australia, the Cold War, First Nations Rights Movements, Women’s Rights Movements and Asylum Seekers and Refugees. They will be completing an individual assessment task in Week 5, investigating a key figure in the First Nations Rights Movements and in Week 9 they will be creating a photo essay on an aspect of Australia’s contemporary immigration policies.

  • 10A - Tony Beutel
  • 10B - Jon Lewis
  • 10C - Tony Beutel
  • 10D - Rod Hutton

In Mathematics, students are working on simplifying algebraic expressions, expand binomial products and factorise monic quadratic expressions. They will have an assignment on this during the first 4 weeks. Identifying and graphing quadratic functions, solving quadratic equations graphically and numerically, and solve monic quadratic equations with integer roots algebraically, using graphing software and digital tools as appropriate. They will have a major in class investigation using technology by the end of week 7.

  • 10A - Jamie Downward
  • 10B - Bjorn Porsbro
  • 10C - Jamie Downward
  • 10D - Bjorn Porsbro
In Science, students in 10A & 10C are learning about Global Systems and how the Earth’s climate is influenced by interactions between the sun’s radiation, the atmosphere, the oceans and land. Students are currently investigating the carbon cycle and will have an assignment in Week 4, followed by a test in Week 6. Students in 10B & 10D are investigating different types of chemical reactions and the products created. They will be undertaking a major practical investigation involving the combustion of alcohol which will see them reporting on their findings. An end of unit test will be held  mid term to assess their understanding.
  • 10A & 10C - Andrea McQuitty
  • 10B & 10D - Djaan Heathcote

In Health, students are completing a unit on drugs and alcohol, with a focus on strategies to minimise harm to their own and others health, safety, relationships and wellbeing. In Physical Education students have completed reassessment of their fitness testing (comparison from Term 1). In the coming weeks students will participate in a range of winter sports and rhythmic movement activities.

  • 10A – Jesse Shepheard
  • 10B – Breaane McCall (Health), Brent Munday (PE)
  • 10C – Brent Munday
  • 10D – Sally Macfadyen (Health), Breaane McCall (PE)

Year 9 & 10 Personal Interest Pathways (PIPS) - Option Subjects

In MDT Specialisation, students are completing an 'Illuminate' design brief which will turn into their individual project for assessment.

In Wood Skills, students are completing a small timber box using various joints and joining techniques. Their assessment will be to create their own version of a small box.

In Metal Skills, students are pulling apart whipper snipper motors and putting them back together. They are also learning about combustion engines and how they work.

  • Teacher - Ben Rabbetts
In Foods Studies students are taking a deep dive into "Eating Healthy in Australia". We will be starting our Design Brief assessment in Week 5, where students have to design and produce a 'wellness bowl', a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal in a bowl.
  • Teacher - Tony Beutel
In Work Readiness, students are currently learning and applying new skills to assist with resumes, cover letters & interviews. In weeks 8 & 9, students will participate in mock interviews at school in preparation for real life interviews.
  • Teachers - Jesse Shepheard & Kate Hambelton
In Art Studio, students are exploring ceramics with a focus on slab building and decorating techniques. They have started out by looking at the artwork of others and collecting samples of existing projects which they find interesting. Next week they will move onto designing their own slab pots before they start construction. Once completed these artworks will go on display in the front of school art gallery and other areas around the school.
  • Teacher - Luke Viney
In Catering Studies, student have been given the task in small groups to create a menu for the staff morning tea. Students must plan the shopping list, prep list, and prepare the staff morning tea. Students need to lead the class when it is there groups week to make the morning tea. They need to use communication skills to delegate jobs to other students and team work to make sure all the food is prepared in time.
  • Teacher - Kate Hambleton
In Café & Cake, students have opened a café for staff. Students work in small groups in an aera of interest to them to make the café run smoothly. Making the coffee, baking sweet treat, advertising, and signs, and working front of house. So far staff have been very happy with having a café at school.
  • Teacher - Kate Hambleton

In Sport for Girls, students have a focus on leadership and planning. They are working in small groups to prepare and present a mini lesson to their peers.

  • Teachers - Breaane McCall (Monday), Sally Macfadyen (Thursday)

In Sport for Boys, students are participating in a range of traditional and alternative sports with a focus on leadership and team work.

  • Teacher - Luke Jordan

In Outdoor Education, students are focusing on camp cooking and emergency first aid and will be assessed on skills in these areas.

  • Teacher - Luke Jordan

Year 11 & 12 - VET Offering

In Hospitality & Tourism, students have been working on the units ‘use hygienic practices for hospitality’ and ‘how to work effectively with others in the workplace’. This is preparing them for workplace next term to get hand on experiences.
  • Teacher - Kate Hambleton